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Flimsy Disguise, Much?: “V” Visitors Costume [Cosplay]

In honor of tonight’s premiere of the new and mediocre* “V” TV series, I offer you the Best Visitors Costume I Have Ever Seen, spotted this year at Dragon*Con.

V Visitor Costume
Photo Credit: Taps7734 on Flickr

The usual, lazy man’s “V” costume includes a red suit and a pair of big, boxy sunglasses. Cheers to this lady for the extra work on the peeled-away skin revealing the lizardness beneath. I applaud attention to detail.

Of course, I also applaud healthy skin care. But I am as forgiving as I am minty-fresh.

* Feel free to tell me in the comments that I’m wrong. The door to your under-informed opinions is always open.

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  • Taps7734 December 15, 2009, 12:53 am

    Cool. :D At least I get credit for the photo ;)

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