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LEGO Wins Again: Slow-Motion Bullet Scene from The Matrix in LEGO

I am terribly busy these days, what with my seeking personal enlightenment and feeling superior to those not as enlightened as I am.

Obviously, though, if I had more time, I’d spend 440 hours producing a frame-by-frame recreation of the pivotal “bullet dodge” rooftop scene in The Matrix using stop-motion-capture and LEGOs. Obviously.

Video: Matrix Slow-Motion Rooftop Scene in LEGO

As you might have surmised–since I know you love your surmising–that’s exactly what these guys behind the LegoMatrix site did.

Just in time for its 10th year anniversary, “Trinity Help” is a frame-accurate stop-frame animation of the famous bullet-dodge scene from the 1999 movie The Matrix, all done in Lego. By “frame accurate” we mean that we took all of the video frames from that part of the movie (that’s nearly 900 frames for just 44 seconds of footage) and reproduced them all in Lego.

Take a gander at the video, below, to see a side-by-side comparison between the scene from the original movie and the new LEGO scene. This combination of artistic dedication + LEGO + The Matrix = glorious insanity. In spite of the glaring lack of hair on any of these LEGO minifigs.

Video: LEGO Matrix Scene Side-by-Side Comparison

The LegoMatrix team has even provided in-depth “making-of” walkthroughs. ‘Cause “440 hours” and “900 frames” of “frame-accurate stop-frame animation” didn’t already paint of picture of inhuman patience and attention to detail, right?

Via Geekologie, who makes it all look so easy. Except for frame-accurate stop-frame animation.

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  • nickolai November 25, 2009, 4:57 pm

    Bad-Ass. Maybe a completely impractical use of time, but still. Bad-Ass.

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