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Bang, Bang, Zap!: Iron Man Punisher Costume [Cosplay]

The reveal(ish) of War Machine in the new Iron Man 2 poster set off a round of gleeful tittering this week that still reverberates through the internet tubes. Thankfully, if there’s anything the framework of the internets was built to support, it’s extended bouts of widespread tittering.

And, you know… porn.

Iron Man Punisher Costume
Photo Credit: stephenkj on Flickr

Meanwhile, I spotted another black-and-silver version of Iron Man who likes big guns: this Iron Man Punisher costume that showed up to Dragon*Con this year.

A solid attempt, but much as I told friends setting me up on my last blind date: it’d be nice to get some big bazookas on that thing.*

* Sometimes, the more tasteless the pun, the better it feels. And that felt pretty good.

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  • henandri June 26, 2010, 3:04 am

    realistis this ha?!!!!!

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