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Lil’ Robocops, Beware: Baby ED-209 Robot

See if this little robot reminds you of anything, with its unsophisticated singled-mindedness, big guns for arms, unnerving loudness, propensity for violence, and hilarious tendency to fall apart when push comes to shove/nudge:

Video: Baby ED-209 Robot

Who’s worried about Skynet and Terminators when we’re obviously witnessing a major evolutionary step toward the ED-209s first depicted in 1987’s Robocop?

The target acquisition and firing system is fully autonomous, and X-BRAT is being built to compete in the Mech Warfare event at RoboGames 2010. When he’s done, his designer (xdream on the Trossen Robotics forums) will just stick him in the arena and autonomous carnage will ensue.

Plus, his designer says, “It will track [and] shoot moving targets, too.” Which means I better start collecting Junior Corporate Executives to use as human shields when the time comes.

Via BotJunkie, who asked if you know where to score any good AIBOs, ’cause he needs a fix, man.

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