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Not Much More Than Meets The Eye: Autobot Transformers Watches

I have seen some poor excuses for Transformers toys before, but the digital Transformers Bumblebee Watch and Optimus Watch take the three-layer cake of shiftless design.

You know the one: it’s frosted with laziness and tastes of powedered silicon from a factory floor in Shenzhen, China.

Transformers Watches

For $9.99, I guess you get what you pay for: a $7.99 digital timepiece plus a two-dollar plastic robot that transforms into a folded-up two-dollar plastic robot. I mean, isn’t there some sort of nerd law in some nerd tome somewhere that says if the robot’s head is still showing, it’s not really a transformation? Somebody should write a Wikipedia page.

Via Oh Gizmo!, who wants a watch that can transform into a clock.

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