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The Superman Fortress of Solitude Desk Gives Your Desk an Inferiority Complex

Scott T., a digital video lighting and FX guy from Oakland, CA, decided that the way out of mundane, cube-dwelling existence started with styrofoam, paper, acrylic tubes, and paper. Oh, and a lot of glue.

Scott turned his work cubicle into a Superman-style “Fortress of Solitude,” complete with a crystal console desk lamp and a molded “hologram” of Jor-El’s face hanging from the rafters.

Fortress of Solitude Desk

Not bad, eh? You wouldn’t be wrong to feel bad about your own workspace at this point. Especially if you have one of those little Troll dolls adorning your computer monitor. You should feel doubly-bad about that. Seriously.

Jor-El Hologram

Scott kindly blogged the construction of the Fortress, for any of your future Jor-El-face-molding plans.

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