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Thanks, 1970s Japan!: Insane Star Wars-Themed Commercial for Sea Chicken [Video]

Answer: Chewbacca jumping and yelping like someone just gave him a hearty Wookiee-neutering. Horrible doppelgangers of Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia. “Sea chicken,” a screeching mantra that will haunt your ears like nothing else since “RED RUM.” The geisha-like version of C-3PO that you never imagined could be more effeminate than the original. Typical Japanese batshit craziness.

Question: What can you find in this Star Wars-themed Japanese commercial for Sea Chicken from the 1970s?

Lesson? Japan thinks all white people look alike. Also? Why do drugs when Japan has got your bad trip right here, man?

Via Topless Robot, who wants to be a sea chicken farmer when he grows up.

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