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Twitter Link Roundup – Week Ending February 6, 2010

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Because there should be at least one source of entertainment in your life that’s guaranteed not to be as disappointing as this year’s Super Bowl commercials. (Blech.)

Yoda Baby

  • Yoda just said something mind-blowing to this kid. http://bit.ly/dyrbVU
  • HAAA! Hello Kitty chainsaw. This makes me want to go on a zombie-killing rampage to the tune of a Spice Girls song. http://bit.ly/9Hlu6T
  • Does anyone else think that the Hubble Space Telescope has found a Cylon Base Star? http://bit.ly/9tXj6a
  • God of War PC case mod. I want to own it. And then battle it. http://bit.ly/9Ir4qR
  • This Lion-O homemade plush doll is made of anime + cute + felt + a really insane dream you had after (drug) tripping. http://bit.ly/cMdZZb

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