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Sweep the Leg!: The Karate Kid “Cobra Kai” Cake [Geeky Cake]

Mara L. sent me the details on thisCobra Kai” cake inspired by The Karate Kid that she made for her “very mature boyfriend Josh’s 34th birthday”.

Nothing says “love” like sarcasm, eh? Josh must be a very lucky guy.

Cobra Kai Cake Top

Just kidding, Mara. I bet Josh was too enthralled with his cake to notice you berating him. I’m sure he’s doing just fine.

it was devil’s food with chocolate frosting dyed black. Cobra Kai symbol was made out of fondant and piped with royal icing.

…and the “SWEEP THE LEG” quote adorning the side of the cake was crafted with fondant and flavored with Daniel Laruso’s tears.

Cobra Kai Cake

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