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FOR REALS: Working Homemade Steampunk Gun [Video]

Artist Jonathan Alberico on deviantART crafted this working Steampunk rifle and named it “Doris”. Which is a pretty funny name for a hand-held air cannon that can fire 40mm projectiles.

A serious piece of work like this obviously deserves an “Eloise” or an “Agatha”.

Working Steampunk Gun

Fashioned from copper, brass, antique pine and assorted lamp parts. This stunning piece runs off two nine volt batteries and air pressure. The stock and stand are hand made from yellow pine that is over 100 years old

You can see many more pictures and bid on this piece of steampunky magic in the rifle’s listing on Ebay.

Plus, check out the video, below, to see the steampunk rifle in action. (Warning: Jonathan had the poor taste to NOT wear a Victorian petticoat and top hat during the demonstration.)

Via Boing Boing, by way of Geekosystem, who prefers homemade guns in the steamhoodlum style.

Find steampunk costumes and accessories on Ebay

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