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The Force Is Creamy with this One: Life-Size Yoda Butter Sculpture

I guess I shouldn’t have told Google that its ass looked fat in those jeans, because it wouldn’t give up the goods tonight when I was trying to figure out who crafted this larger-than-life-size sculpture of Yoda out of butter.

UPDATE: Commenter mel whispered some sweet nothings into Google’s ear. Here’s the butter Yoda story.

Yoda Butter Sculpture

Do you think a butter shortage forced the substitution of a lightsaber with that Jell-O pudding cup?*

Via Uphaa, which is almost like a real website, but with less attribution of sources.

* Google stopped withholding long enough to tell me that “lightsaber” and “pudding cup” have never appeared in the same sentence before. You saw it here, first.

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