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Punch-in-the-Face Cuteness: Plush Calvin and Hobbes Dolls

Behold the plush Calvin and Hobbes dolls custom made by artist Lindsay Mays.

Calvin is 7 inches tall and has yellow yarn hair. Hobbes is 14 inches tall. They are both handmade from felt.

See? I don’t always feel compelled to assail your senses with disturbing Star Trek videos and horribly misguided cosplay. Sometimes–just sometimes–I like to facilitate the sensations of warmness and fuzziness.

Plush Calvin and Hobbes
Photo Credit: Silent Orchid on Flickr

But that’s mostly because I enjoy lulling you into a false sense of security. (Sweet dreams! I certainly won’t have a garish tattoo waiting for you tomorrow…)

Via Super Punch, who’s met your imaginary friends, and thinks you can do better.

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