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So Appetizing-ish: Alien Facehugger Cake [Geeky Cake]

When you’re in the mood for a jelly-filled confection, usually a doughnut will do the trick.

But if a doughnut won’t quite sate that craving, then–obviously–the next logical answer is a jelly-filled Alien facehugger cake, like this one from the That Takes the Cake sci-fi-themed cake show in Austin.


Alien Facehugger Egg Cakes
Photo Credit: Devrah on Flickr

Hopefully you’re not too picky; ’cause after turning down a perfectly good doughnut, you don’t get to refuse a seven-legged facehugger cake. I don’t care how much you were looking forward to chomping on that eighth leg.

Alien Facehugger Cake Close-up
Photo Credit: DigiNik13 on Flickr

You know what you get after a facehugger cake gets stuck on your face for a couple of days, right? An Alien chestburster cake.

Alien Facehugger Cake
Photo Credit: Devrah on Flickr

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