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Twitter Link Roundup – Week Ending March 27, 2010

Following my Twitter profile or the GWS Facebook Page has never caused a (documented) case of IBS or astigmatism.

So. I’ve got that going for me.

Boba Fett adidas

  • Aaaand there they are. The Boba Fett Adidas sneakers. http://bit.ly/9319uJ
  • These Masters of the Universe CubeDudes are just a *little* too awesome. http://bit.ly/cxZznq
  • Photos of online gaming avatars and their real-life creators. Oh, human frailty. Thou doth amuse. http://bit.ly/a8QtNT
  • Fallout cosplay. Only Fallout fans will appreciate this, but Fallout fans’ll REALLY appreciate this. http://bit.ly/9txBID
  • I have seen inside Hello Kitty and have confirmed she has no soul. http://bit.ly/cnmrsk

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