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Twitter Link Roundup – Week Ending April 3, 2010

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Battle Cat Ride-On

  • The vintage Battle Cat ride-on playground toy officially makes it OK for us to tell kids about “the good old days.” http://bit.ly/chswNf
  • Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) in a terrible, terrible Chewbacca t-shirt. It’s all meta and stuff. http://bit.ly/cUI3vi
  • There’s a creepy-stunning (crunning) LEGO sculpture you probably haven’t seen before. http://bit.ly/bcTdBO
  • The broadsword handle umbrella. It is not subtle. Which kind of makes it fantastic. http://bit.ly/c8mIuA
  • Movie trailer for “Australian ‘Red Dawn'”. I don’t know what the real title is, but it’s Red Dawn. With Australians. http://bit.ly/ao3Yi4

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