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Twitter Link Sampler – Week Ending April 24, 2010

Hey, remember that one time when that guy did that thing with the big whatchamacallit?

No? Then you should definitely follow my my Twitter profile or the GWS Facebook Page; they’ve got excellent restorative properties for memory. And virility.*

* These claims have not been endorsed by the F.D.A.

  • The original Empire Strikes Back trailer, featuring the Cheesiest! Voice-over! Ever! by Harrison Ford. http://bit.ly/9n4H5J
  • Kevin Conroy (THE voice of Batman) rags on Christian Bale’s Batman voice, to the delight of all comic book nerds. http://bit.ly/buPGHH
  • Ok, Batman’s voice in the new upcoming DCU animated movie is even worse than Christian Bale’s. http://bit.ly/a6KhyU
  • Holy crap. That is a real-life Muppet. http://bit.ly/cFr1Fl (via @reddit)
  • Woman graduates from university in full Stormtrooper regalia. ‘Nuff said. http://bit.ly/bKr7DK

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