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The Awkwardness Makes It Better: Stan Lee Officiates 1987 Wedding of Spider-Man and Mary Jane

Apparently Stan Lee started having terrible, terrible ideas long before Stripperella.

Exhibit 789: agreeing to promote the landmark Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 by officiating the 1987 “wedding” of actors playing Spider-Man and Mary Jane, who is definitely not wearing a cheap wig.

I can only hope you stuck around until the 4th minute, which features glorious, 1980s-powered John Tesh and the official wedding attendees wearing $5 Hulk and Captain America costumes that just scream “afterthought.” Way to class up your shameless promotion, Marvel Circa 1987!

Via Comics Alliance, who also screams “afterthought,” but only at the 3D effects in Clash of the Titans.

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