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‘Cause Motorcyclists Looove Cosplay: Iron Man Motorcycle Suit

Congratulations to Universal Designs, who have single-handedly discovered how to nullify the reputation of “toughness” and “coolness” that motorcycle riders have enjoyed for decades.

I give you: the Iron Man motorcycle suit. (Snicker.)

Iron Man Motorcycle Suit

I’m not saying it’s a terrible suit. I mean, I could definitely see a cosplayer wearing it to Comic-Con.

Which should tell you something. And that “something” is: wearing it on your motorcycle would be a great way to get your ass kicked by other motorcyclists.

Via technabob, who often sets his phaser to “nullify.”

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  • West May 27, 2010, 11:18 pm

    Wait…when I read this I presumed they’d go for the blue “Stark” jacket, did they completely miss that avenue of thought?!?

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