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Twitter Link Sampler – Week Ending June 5, 2010

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Nine (eight?) times out of ten, it’s better than listening to your grandpa complain about the little old lady who keeps stealing his Jell-o in the old persons’ home.

  • Angry teen werewolf. This cannot be real. Which makes it ok to laugh your ass off at it. http://bit.ly/cEEEnm
  • Mass Effect Citadel in LEGO. About 12 of you will enjoy this, but you’ll really, *really* enjoy it. http://bit.ly/9NhE3X
  • Rules for LARPing. Because I like to offer you guideposts that will help you get ahead in life. http://bit.ly/bds76i
  • Hell, I might just see the Japanese-dubbed version of The Last Airbender. Which appears to be 32% more bad-ass.http://bit.ly/bDyoaD
  • Everyone on TV reads the same newspaper. EVERYONE. http://bit.ly/bhZfFH

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  • Michael M. M. June 6, 2010, 3:37 pm

    that angry teen wolf is really angry. has he not seen michael j. fox’s version of a teen wolf? or even jason bateman’s version in teen wolf two? i thought being a teen wolf was about being cool and playing a little basketball. i was so wrong.

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