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Tastes Like Sweaty Discipline: Super Mario Bros Bowser Cake [Geeky Cake]

Uh, before seeing this cake from Sweet Cake O’Mine, had anyone else noticed that Bowser is apparently into the kinky, rough stuff? I’ve seen role-playing dungeons in red-light districts* with fewer leather straps and spikes than his arms.

Bowser Cake
Photo Credit: Sweet Cake O’Mine on Flickr

Anyway, happy 7th birthday to James. Enjoy your naughty, naughty dragon. Who needs a good spanking. And will probably like it.

Bowser Cake Closeup
Photo Credit: Sweet Cake O’Mine on Flickr

Via Nerd Approved, who doesn’t judge your lifestyle choices. Unless they involve watching reality television on VH1. In which case, you can consider yourself judged.

* No, I haven’t.

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