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Lodorkus of Borg: Steampunk Laser Monocle Headpiece

So, you know how the Borg were the coolest thing about Star Trek: TNG, right after Captain Picard and, um… Um. Well. There were pretty much those two cool things about it.

Anyway, you can thank Vasco da Gama here for bringing the Borg’s reputation down a notch. Unless you’ve ever fancied spice traders from the 1400s as “cool,” I guess.

Laser Monocle

According to da Gama (aka, Lemonie) from the project’s page on Instructables:

If you’ve seen Star Trek TNG (or the Austin Powers trilogy) you may have though that it would be pretty cool to have a laser-beam on your head (I did). So I bought a laser and I built this: It features a fixed magnification scope with a narrow / wide- beam illuminating laser.

There’s even a video, accompanied by some creepy new-wave techno song you’d expect to hear playing in the basement dungeon of the killer in Silence of the Lambs.

Via technabob, who once fancied a spice trader. Assuming “spice” and “trader” are euphemisms. For “shoe” and “salesperson.”

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