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Babies Just Got 47% More Cool: The Mr. T Mobile

This Mr. T baby’s mobile was created by some guy who describes himself as a “performer, author and entrepreneur,” but primarily appears to be a purveyor of titillating and punny gag gifts (link slightly NSFW). I.e., he’s an “entrepreneur” in the sense that he’s channeled into commercialism the creative spirit of a hyperactive 5th-grader who’s just discovered the wonders of Playboy Magazine.

So, really, it was a just a matter of time before “T-Mobile” and the new A-Team movie inspired him to put together a Mr. T mobile complete with a lullaby version of the A-Team theme song. Because it’s so simple and solidly-awesome, that only a 5th-grader could have thought it up.

Via Reddit, who can out-think a 5th-grader. At least three out of five tries.

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