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WANT: “Appa and Momo Launcher” Airbender Happy Meal Toy

By Great White Snark | June 21, 2010

McDonald’s has revealed the series of new Happy Meal toys that tie-in with the upcoming The Last Airbender movie, and for the most part, they are–as expected–truly terrible. With the exception of one piece: the “Appa and Momo Launcher” toy.

Yes, I know it’s a cheap piece-of-shite plastic toy that directly contributes to overflowing landfills and exists solely to convince small children to bleat and plead until their parents bring them to McDonald’s to sate them with insane-o levels of saturated fat and refined sugars.

But! It’s a scale model of a Appa the flying bison that shoots a little Momo like a spring-loaded flying lemur dart.* It is hilarious and awesome and HOLY GOD I WANT IT.

* I repeat: flying lemur dart. Gleefulness!

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