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CATPOCALYPSE: Giant Laser Cat Invades Team Fortress 2 Map

I hate Team Fortress 2 like I hated the second season of Heroes: it drives me up a wall with its nonsense, but I keep revisiting it, hoping for single moments of entertainment bliss.

Well, anyone who’s ever played any video game in his or her life can appreciate the hell out of this: someone has created a Team Fortress 2 map (download, plus  instructions) featuring a giant laser cat who–once triggered–lays waste to the landscape with its laser eyes, howling minions, and hordes of bees.


And now that we’ve all seen the video, I think we can agree that giant laser cats have belonged in ALL video games, all along.

Via PC Gamer by way of Destructoid, who once tried to domesticate a laser cat, but discovered that it was just like domesticating a regular cat, but with lasers. And no one wants an a**hole in their house who can burn holes in the walls.

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