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Bringing the Fun back to Cannibalism: Chocolate Skull Cake [Geeky Cake]

Chloe Bird crafted this skull cake based on the Bitter Teeth t-shirt design at Threadless. And by “crafted,” I mean she made molds of an anatomical model* of a human skull, cast the jaw and face out of milk chocolate, filled the skull with chocolate sponge cake, slathered the whole thing with chocolate ganache, and then painted the teeth with dark chocolate.

Skull Cake

That is one 100%-edible chocolate skull cake sunofabitch.

And as an added bonus, it’s a completely-unintended likeness of a melted face from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

* Versus a cartoon model?

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  • Chloe July 2, 2010, 5:42 am

    Is it considered cannibalism if I want to eat it? Or just unhealthy?

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