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Oooh, Matrixy!: Conan Is The One

Conan O’Brien doesn’t elicit any sort of hero-worship from me. (Read those words again, internets, as they might be difficult for you to understand on the first pass.) The guy got to live his lifelong dream for seven months and got paid ridiculously handsomely for it. Yet he still carries a (bitter, yet somewhat tongue-in-cheek) chip on his shoulder.

Still, he is undeniably hilarious. And nothing can diminish the delightfulness of this animated GIF.

Conan O'Brien in The Matrix

Via Señor Gif, whose delightfulness is diminished in cold water.

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  • Tiina July 6, 2010, 8:58 am

    I hate the martyr role Conan’s taken on. Or his fans have given him, whatever. I wasn’t a fan of his show, and neither were the US Americans, as low ratings was the reason the show got canceled. Not Jay. I wish people would stop crying about it.

    I think he’s gotten funnier now he’s off tv, though.

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