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I Once* Dreamt This: Charlize Theron vs. Ninjas – The Music Video

So Brandon Flowers, the (former?) frontman for The Killers, has released the music video for his first single as a solo artist. Preview: the song is either insulting or innocuous in its blandness, depending on your mood.

But no one is ever going to be like, “Hey, have you seen the new music video from Brandon Flowers, (former?) lead singer for The Killers?”

No. They’re going to be all, “Hey, have you seen that new music video with Charlize Theron fighting the ninjas? Yeah! It’s totally hot! Well, like 57% hot, 10% intentionally hilarious, and 33% unintentionally hilarious… but, still!”

Yep. That’s what they’re going to say.

UPDATE: Yahweh save me. After several viewings of the video, the song has seeped into my brain. The vapid blandness is slowly choking vital neurons.

* Several times.

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  • CeltJono July 9, 2010, 12:36 pm

    So Brandon is her sidekick in the video then… I mean tha is the only reason I kin see her fightin ninjas te rescue his arse so many times… er maybe… jus maybe, ‘is a game… like tha is how she gets worked up… anyways, ‘m goin te stop here with thinly veiled remarks an neh cross tha line inte adult land ;)

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