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Ke$ha Still Sucks, But This Doesn’t: Back to the Future “Tik Tok” Music Video

Generally when Ke$ha is the topic at hand, I lament for our society’s misguided glorification of u$eless twatiness.

But if it turns out the only legacy her “career” leaves behind takes the form of really-cleverly-edited “Tik Tok” music videos based on geeky properties like Back to the Future (and Star Trek), then humanity might just restore my faith.

Wait, sorry. “Restore” is such a strong word. Let’s try: “Preserve my faith just long to avoid a tirade-initiated mental meltdown for at least another couple of days.”

Via The Daily What, who you can call $eñor Daily What. ‘Cause he’s classy.

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  • Aimee July 13, 2010, 1:00 pm

    Agreed. First-ever acceptable reason to listen to a Ke$ha song.

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