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Yes, Please: Futurama Meets the Transformers with “Transbender”

This brings me such great joy. Let’s hope this starts a trend of Futurama/Transformers mashups. Thanks to the artist, Nina M. on deviantART.


Too bad about the name of the piece, though. “Transbender.” Sounds like a sex change that went awry. Megatrender? Bendatron?

Yeah, there’s no clear win, here.

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  • Martin July 21, 2010, 11:10 am

    There is a precedent though – in the episode where Bender becomes a wrestler, one of his personae is “The Gender Bender”.

  • Kateryna Fury July 21, 2010, 2:18 pm

    You forgot the episode with the Robot Olympics, where he becomes a femmebot and actually has a sex change, albeit temporary, so that he can win the gold and scam and or sex up with kinky robot sex…Calculon

  • fusionx July 22, 2010, 2:00 pm

    obviously this is Bendus Prime leader of the Expressbots

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