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Color Me Covetous: The Light-Up Tron Hoodie [Updated]

I’ve been posting anything at least somewhat-entertaining from the Comic-Con 2010 convention floor to the GWS Twitter stream, but this gem was worth sharing with the rest of you folks who don’t tune in for my every electronically-transmitted word.*

Meet the light-up Tron hoodie, now appearing in the Tron booth at SDCC. Tell me that this isn’t something that you never knew you always wanted.

Light-Up Tron Hoodie

(Forgive the less-than-perfect photo. Apparently the iPhone 4 is actually a fallible device. Who’da thunk? I’ll try to update this with video, later today.)

I could neither find nor verify any further details on this beaut, except that it is a thing that exists. And has a pretty blinking light-up disc thingie.

UPDATE: Now with video.

* And because why?

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