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You’re Welcome!: Comic-Con 2010 Slave Leia Costumes

Had you noticed a lack of Slave Leia costumes in my other Comic-Con posts? Well, one, you’re a sharp little nugget. And, two… I’ve been saving them to present in one fell (pandering) swoop. Enjoy.

Slave Leia Group ShotClick for higher-rez version
Ah, yes. The inevitable Comic-Con Slave Leia group shot. Almost as much of a spectacle? The panting fanboys who immediately swarm the scene, as seen in the video, below.

Available in HD when viewed fullscreen.

Slave Leia Costume
Hottest mom at Comic-Con? Perhaps. But I know one thing’s for sure: this kid is veeeeery popular amongst his schoolmates.

Slave Leia Cosplay Trio
Slave Leia cosplay prima donnas. I actually had to ask twice to get their picture. You know what, sweethearts? Eat something.

Alternative Slave Leia Cosplay
I only hope the picture does this woman justice. By far, this 6’+ tall “alternative” Slave Leia is the most devastatingly-sexy Leia I’ve seen at any Con. I can only assume that’s Wilmer Valderrama under the helmet.

Slave Leia Costume
I like a Slave Leia who can take me in an arm-wrestling contest.

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  • nickolai July 28, 2010, 9:12 am

    jesus, going to comic-con with your mom dressed as slave leia? poor bastard.

  • Will July 30, 2010, 3:00 pm

    Come on. Admit it. It’s not about the costumes. It’s about the content of the costumes.

  • Haydn Porter November 10, 2010, 2:12 pm

    Prima Donnas? Hardly. More like exhausted after a day of working for Gentle Giant Studios, taking countless photos. Didn’t mean to come off as rude, but amusingly enough, we were on our way to get food.

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