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Brace for Adorable Impact: The Kids’ Costumes of Comic-Con 2010

Oh, did you think I was done pandering to you for a while after yesterday’s gratuitous Slave Leia post?

No… no, I am not. As long as there is hearty cleavage and/or kids doing adorable things in the world, I. Won’t. Stop. Pandering.

You might as well sit back and enjoy it.

Kids Batman Costume
Someone on my Twitter feed actually said, “Uh, but is that a little girl in a boy’s costume?” And then I assume they drooled and breathed heavily through their gaping mouth. Because they’re stupid.

Baby Green Lantern Costume
Too much. Just…. too much adorbz. Shut up, baby.

Kids Harry Potter Costumes
Kids’ Harry Potter and Hermoine costumes. Sometimes I want to adopt a little white baby just so I can dress it up like this. And then I remember they require feeding and diaper-changing.

Kids Mad Hatter Costume
Kid’s Mad Hatter costume. Wow, eh? Couldn’t care about the movie, but I can appreciate some smash-up cosplay.

Kids Speedy Costume
Kid’s Speedy costume. And the look on his face definitely doesn’t indicate that this whole thing was dad’s idea.

Kids Wonder Woman Costume
Kid’s Wonder Woman costume. She doesn’t want to fight you but she totally will, man!

Kids Thor Costume
BABY THOR! I love that everything is mini-Thor-sized, except for the hammer.

Kids Wonder Girl Costume
Hell, why not bring grandma along next time, too.

Pedobear Costume

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  • Gerst January 1, 2011, 4:39 pm

    Good point of view. Keep it up. :-)

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