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Twitter Link Sampler – Week Ending July 31, 2010

Follow my Twitter profile or the GWS Facebook Page. Next to staring at the sun, it’s the surest way to get rid of any lingering images of nutty anime cosplay kids from Comic-Con.

Comic-Con Anime Costumes

  • I want everyone in this picture to lose. http://bit.ly/9k6dGa #WeirdoAnimeKids
  • Screw Chuck Norris. Seriously. Why? Because Charles Bronson, that’s why. (Video) http://bit.ly/c9QD3b
  • For a very brief moment, I just considered spending $50 on a Nerf sniper rifle. http://bit.ly/dyialt
  • Finally watched the vid of Ryan Reynolds reciting the Green Lantern oath to a little kid at #SDCC. Crazy adorable. http://bit.ly/aicYRU
  • Did anyone visit Pacey-Con while visiting San Diego? I hear the costumes were better than at Dawson-Con. http://bit.ly/d6zlVf

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