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Scalper’s Delight: Wonder Woman Invisible Jet Toy

Let me sum up the Comic-Con toy-collecting economy for you:

Wonder Woman Invisible Jet Toy

  1. Mattel (under its Hot Wheels label) announces a Wonder Woman Invisible Jet toy as an April Fool’s joke. The “joke” is that the package is actually empty; there’s no toy. (That’s just molded packaging you see in the picture. Get it? Invisible.)
  2. Mattel realizes that nutty toy collectors would indeed buy the hell out of this thing, and announces that it will be available as a Comic-Con exclusive.
  3. Zealous toy flippers line up at Comic-Con to buy the hell out of this thing for $5 a piece.
  4. Zealous toy flippers immediately flip their loot on Ebay.
  5. Nutty toy collectors buy the hell out of the non-toy on Ebay for upwards of $20 a piece.
  6. Everyone profits. Oh. Except for the nutty toy collectors. Who–as always–spend frightening amounts of money funding their Peter Pan syndromes.

Via Nerd Approved, who wants to know what a reasonable amount of money would be to spend on funding a Peter Pan syndrome. But he’s totally asking for a “friend.”

Find the Wonder Woman Invisible Jet toy on Ebay

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  • ThePirateStar August 2, 2010, 12:50 pm

    I guess it would just be too logical to actually make a jet toy out of clear plastic, right?

  • Captain EO August 2, 2010, 2:06 pm

    That’s hardly an invisible jet toy. It’s more of an intangible jet toy. The original joke premise isn’t bad, but I’ve got to agree with ThePirateStar — a clear jet toy would’ve made a lot more sense. Well, it would’ve made as much sense as Wonder Woman’s invisible jet ever made.

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