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adidas Chewbacca Boots: Now Featuring Real Wookiee Stank

I don’t know if the adidas Star Wars collection has been a commercial success, but nothing short of a celebrity starlet nipple slip in a Slave Leia costume has been more guaranteed over the past several months to get linked by geek bloggers.

Indeed, you can visit Super Punch to check out the collection’s latest geeky sneakers, respectively inspired by Jabba the Hutt and Boba Fett. You know… if you’re into things that are cool. (Ish.)

Adidas Chewbacca Boots

But if you’re into geeky stuff that’s sublimely ridiculous–and why the hell else would be you hanging out on GWS, if not for my facility with delicious polysyllabic words–I ask you to behold the newly-announced Chewbacca boots.

Chewbacca Boots

Fur-lined hiking boots? Well-played, adidas. After a few weeks, these things are guaranteed to smell exactly like  a malodorously sweaty Wookiee. Which is not unlike the smell of a damp stray dog. Times five.

* So many syllables! Delicious.

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