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Thanks, Bangladesh!: Shameless Incredible Hulk Knock-Off Movie Trailer

TaaR CHeeRA EntertainmenT out of Bangladesh describes their HALKa PAGLA short film as a “parody.”

Yet, I sense no sense of irony or tongue-in-cheekness amongst the hilariously-terrible CGI effects, production values, and acting. What I do detect is a rudimentary knowledge of U.S. copyright laws, which basically say that a simile of someone else’s intellectual property–in this case, Marvel’s Incredible Hulk–can be commercialized if it’s clearly in the spirit of parody.

Or maybe the producers aren’t trying to lazily skirt intellectual property laws; maybe, with the the sped-up footage and wacky facial expressions, they really would mistake Benny Hill for a master satirist.

Via Topless Robot, who ‘s discovered that if you stumble around drunk long enough, you’ll eventually run into some good content.

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