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Now I’m Hungry: Stormtrooper on a Toilet Cake [Geeky Cake]

Dawn from Aurora Cakes crafted this Stormtrooper-on-a-toilet cake at the request a six-year-old’s parents who “wanted to make their son laugh.”

Et voila! Poop!

Stormtrooper Toilet Cake
Photo Credit: Aurora Cakes on Flickr

Weathered internets traveler that I am, I know that many of you* out there share the tastes of six-year-olds.  So… you’re welcome. Here’s a funny-ha-ha poop joke cake.

Stormtrooper Toilet Cake Side

Via Craziest Gadgets, who wants to know what it means if he doesn’t get it. “Poop, you say?”

* Not me, though. I’m sophisticated and shit.

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