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Musky Like A Space Slug: Slave Leia Perfume

So here’s the $39.99 Slave Leia perfume that materialized as a Star Wars Celebration V “exclusive” this month.

I use the quotes around “exclusive” because, for one, I’m literally quoting the LucasFilm propaganda, and two, the term “exclusive” is used very loosely. As in, “it’s exclusive insofar as you can very much buy it online while not at all having attended Star Wars Celebration”.

Slave Leia Perfume

And if you’re wondering what Jabba’s prized slave girl smells like, I can report that the scent apparently approximates a “mix of cashmere woods, musk and night-blooming jasmine.”

Which sounds about right, once you toss in a bit of sweat-odor and essence of giant space slug. Obviously.

Via Super Punch, who doesn’t toss essence of giant space slug at anything. He’s very considerate, that way.

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