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Here, Cheat off My Nipple: Rubik’s Cube Math Tattoo [Geeky Tattoo]

Uh. Hey, dude? Someone, like… scribbled all over your shoulder and some of your chest, there. Yeah.

What? Did I see who did it? No, man, sorry. I don’t know who’s behind this. But if you’re trying to find the culprit, I’m fairly confident that it’s a huge, huge nerd.

Rubik's Cube Math Tattoo

Via Memory Is the Thing You Forget With, whose memory forgot the rule about sentences ending with prepositions.

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  • Meredith September 12, 2010, 7:22 pm

    I’m a big fan of the random cameo of Inky in the bottom corner. <3 Pac-Man!

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