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Yes, But Why?: Halo Reach Legendary Edition Cake [Geeky Cake]

If you bake a cake in the likeness of the packaging of a over-the-top “Legendary” edition of an Xb0x 360 game that hasn’t even been released, yet…

You might be a gamer geek.*

Halo Reach Cake

You can see more in cdcredninja’s photo album, but let me save you the surprise:

It’s a cake. That looks like the box of a video game. That some raging nerds will pay $150 to own.

Halo Reach Cake Cut

Via Hawty McBloggy, by way of Technabob, who thinks cake is likely that the last thing a guy who spends $150 on fancy packaging for a video game needs.**

* I’d like to credit Jeff Foxworthy for saving me the effort of thinking up an actual, good joke.

** That lazy “gamers are fat” joke was all mine.

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