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Good, ‘Cause Chess Needed Some Nerding Up: Custom Lego Empire Strikes Back Chess Set

It took wampas and AT-ATs to rejuvenate my interest in chess.

Oh, wait… aaaaaaand now it’s gone, again.

Empire Strikes Back Chess Set
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Anywho. Brandon Griffith made this clever Empire Strikes Back chess set as a follow-up to his A New Hope set. The full gallery of pics on Flickr is worth a browse, but the highlight for me was the Lego-brick version of the Emperor’s holographic visage as the King piece, below.


And note that Darth is his Queen. Giggle.

Via Brothers Brick, who comes from a place where “visage” is pronounced “face”.

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  • Chess Kid September 14, 2010, 6:53 am

    Pawn promotion’s going to be difficult – turning the Rook on it’s head is what we usually did … not sure it’s going to work with an AT-AT.

    Looks great, though!

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