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Apparently the Future Is Now: Homemade Coil Gun

This is some pretty sick stuff. Some guy named Jason spent two years engineering and building a 1.25 kilojoule coil gun.

Homemade Coil Gun

The hot, coil-gun-powered breaking shit action doesn’t begin until about 2:50 in the video below, but the first part of the vid is also worth a watch for the tour of the gun’s components, which features fancy words like  “capacitors,” “ZVS flyback driver,” “bridge rectifier,” and “semi-conductor.”

I found that these terms had a similar effect as “flux capacitor” had in Back to the Future: not only is this fakey-sounding technology possible, but it’s cool as hell and must be seen to be believed.

Via Make, who does not condone the use of violence against helpless desk lamps.

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