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Ok, Guy, You Win: Amazing Steampunk Halloween Decoration

So, you know how some people go nutso decorating their houses for Christmas? Well some guy named Peter just precluded any notion of that competitiveness expanding to the Halloween season; he’s pretty much locked down the title of Winner for Life of Over-the-Top House Decorations for Halloween.

Steampunk Halloween Decoration

Peter’s past work includes a sunken pirate ship and a crashed locomotive. And now he wants to build a steampunk earth-boring vehicle coming out of his front driveway, and he’s started raising funds on Kickstarter to finance the piece. (For a mere $2,200!)

Because, you know… art! And definitely not a giant display of ego to make up for his neighbor always throwing cooler birthday parties for his kids. Or for his parents not buying him enough toys when he was as kid.

Definitely not.

Via boingboing, who totally thought this was about some Freudian phallus thing.

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