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Nothing a Bowl of Tauntuan Soup Can’t Cure: Sad Wampa T-Shirt Design

Uh-oh, Wampa  just found out that George Lucas is re-releasing the six Star Wars films in 3D in a shameless move overtly intended to (a) bilk suckers out of their money and (b) further embitter jaded fanboys. (P.S. the suckers = jaded fanboys.) Sad Wampa is sad!

Oh, and somebody cut off Wampa’s arm, but whatever… Wampa has other concerns: Lucas’s neck-chin is getting more billowy with arrogance by the minute!

Sad Wampa T-Shirt Design

You can vote for Vincent Brocognani’s glorious Sad Wampa design to become a t-shirt on Threadless.

Via Super Punch, who has seen arrogance unbridled, but never billowed.

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