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Thanks, Japan! (No, Seriously): Japanese Dudes in Suits Dancing Hypnotically

Japan is notorious for producing wacky shit that consistently guffaws in the face of good taste. (And the internets are grateful for it.)

However, as recompense for slow-posting on GWS the past few days, this morning I offer you some wacky shit from Japan that actually manages to be both entertaining and tasteful. Cool, even.

Enjoy this video featuring the Japanese dance group “World Order” pulling off some (wacky) hypnotic dance* moves.

* Maybe one of you kids can tell me what kind of dancing this is. And then shut up so I can make fun of you. You dance dork.

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  • Caroline October 13, 2010, 5:18 pm

    Wow, that actually WAS awesome. I wonder what the song was about.

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