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Congratulations?: The World’s Biggest Harry Potter Fan [Video]

No, that title isn’t a fat joke. (Apologies if you were expecting so see some Jabba-like dude with spectacles and a magic wand.)  This dude has solidly positioned himself as the world’s most intensely-dedicated Harry Potter fan.

And he’s just about as unnerving as you’d expect. Like, bordering on serial killer from Silence of the Lambs who hangs out in his basement trying on other peoples’ skin unnerving.

Harry Potter Fan

I’ve read each of [the books] over one-hundred times… I filled three rooms of my house with Harry Potter collectibles… Even dress robes that I wore to prom… I can wear Harry Potter clothing every day for three months, without wearing the same thing twice… four tattoos on my body, with plans for more… I am Harry Potter, himself.”


To those of you who are going to be all, “Oh, stop picking on him, there’s nothing wrong with being an enthusiastic fan!” I have two things to say:

First, I find your naiveté adorable. Like a slow-witted panda bear behind the plexiglass at the zoo.

Second, there’s nothing wrong with enthusiasm, or fandom, or superfandom. However, there’s nothing at all healthy about over-the-top obsession. This is how crazy cat ladies with hummel collections and secret shrines to hapless Hollywood celebrities are made.

Via The Daily What, who doesn’t know why I have to drag hummels into this.

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  • Heartless Bytchh January 4, 2011, 2:57 pm

    And I’m still a virgin. Why don’t girls like me? Why?

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