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May You Have Better Luck with the Force Next Time: Zombie Star Wars Posters

Artist Matt Busch has created over 30 posters in his “Hollywood is Dead” series, which includes zombiefied treatments of the classic posters for Indiana Jones, The Goonies,  E.T. and others.

Zombie Star Wars Poster

Oh, sorry… were you waiting for me to say something critical? No such luck. I’m ogling these bad boys like a [lazy analogy about an adolescent boy looking at naked boobs for the first time] or [joke about Topless Robot getting lost in wonder at the liquor store because he’s a raging alcoholic].

Zombie Empire Strikes Back Poster

Via Neatorama, who’s still waiting for me to be critical. Any second now. Aaaaaany second…

Find the zombie Star Wars posters in the Neatoshop

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