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This Is Your Fault, Star Trek!: Klingon Rap Music Video

Wow. Trekkies continue to insist upon turning the nerd dial to 11.

In this case, we’ve got a German dude dressed up in a Klingon mask while performing a fully-formed, grammatical-correct Klingon rap to the tune of Eminem’s classic “Without Me.”

Klingon Rapper

And because every German/Klingon rapper/rocker needs a stage name, he’s dubbed himself “Klenginem.”* (GET IT?)

So check out the video if you enjoy astounding feats of nerdiness and/or cringing. I’ll be over here, not being able to bury my face in my hands fast enough.

Via Reddit, who’s concerned that “every German/Klingon rapper/rocker” implies that there’s more than one.

* By all means, do check out his website, which looks like it was built with genuine Klingon internets technology from 1997.

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  • merrypranxter November 17, 2010, 7:12 am

    Ha! I can’t believe people are just now seeing this. I LOVE Klenginem! It is my dream to perform this at a karaoke bar before i die.

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