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Clear a Space on the Mantel: Superman Squirrel Taxidermy

By Great White Snark | November 22, 2010

So, remember a while back when someone photoshopped a photo of a squirrel unzipping his fur to reveal a Superman costume underneath?

Well, thanks to taxidermy and the special breed of insanity fostered by the internets and monetized by Ebay, we now have an actual squirrel unzipping his fur to reveal a Superman costume.

Superman Squirrel Taxidermy

But the dead-squirrel-fueled fun doesn’t stop there. A tour of the Ebay seller’s other auctions finds charming examples of rodent-petrification including “Squirrel Playing a Piano,” “Squirrel in a Tophat,” and my personal favorite, “Squirrel on a Horse.”

Favorite comment from one of the U.K.-based taxidermist’s many satisfied customers?

Very good work… Excellent packaging…. now to hide it til christmas!!!!!!

Indeed. You wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise.

Find squirrel taxidermy on Ebay

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