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Twitter Link Sampler – Week Ending November 27, 2010

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Because I’ll never take humiliating pictures of you with your favorite stuffed Pokemon. Dork.

Pokemon Virgin

  • And this is what virginity looks like. http://bit.ly/bHddHo
  • Brains for only $0.25. And conveniently available via the drive-thru. http://bit.ly/hFJSuM
  • Generally I’m pretty happy when a girl takes her shirt off, but… http://bit.ly/em60sc (SFW)
  • Winner of a thread titled, “What was the dumbest thing that ended your relationship?” (Spoiler: SHUNNED STAR WARS.) http://bit.ly/e1J9fB
  • “Original big-screen Buffy hopes to be part of Whedon-less reboot” My comment: “Derp. Derp.” http://bit.ly/fezDO3

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